Sarah La Rosa

The Work of Soul is Secret

Sarah La Rosa
The Work of Soul is Secret
The secret and the sacred are sisters. Our times suffer from such a loss of the sacred because our respect of the secret has completely vanished... The world of the soul is secret... When the secret is not respected, the sacred vanishes.
— John O'Donohue

I experience my interior Self as a hidden country nobody knows about.

I'm the only person allowed to traverse its fields, mountains, valleys, rivers and glades.

In this land sits a house, filled with all the tools I need to grow the seeds of potential creativity, connection with the Divine, joy and peace with myself and others.

I always know when I have revealed the rooms of my secret house prematurely.

The spirit house begins to feel drafty, and I find myself losing potency through cracks in the doorways and windows.

It's as if I've advertised free tours through my own tiny museum of wisdom, and installed a revolving door to allow everyone in.

Containment is lost, and the sacred is caught by a rogue breeze that whisks it away.

Like any energy-efficient home, insulation is a must.

Outside the doors, keeping the wilderness pristine requires privacy and non-interference.

This can be accomplished, in part, by enforcing those so-familiar No Trespassing signs, but enforcement may not be necessary if one simply refrains from inviting the whole neighborhood for a barbecue in the first place.

I have found that failure to insulate the deeper developing ideas and truths as they reveal themselves to me allows them to seep out, like water held in the palm and fingers.

These fledgling seed-thoughts should be contained, nurtured in the dark places so they may gestate undisturbed.

Constant uprooting for close examination can end up damaging the fragile root system just beginning to form.

There are countless examples of sacred secrecy, among them pregnancy.

Whether in utero or external egg, new life requires time, yes- but equally important (and even before time factors in), is containment.

A homeostatic environment that encourages development and growth- a sacred space.

Premature exit from this sacred space can result in defect, disease, even death.

Our ideas, our creative endeavors, our spiritual selves require no less.


I will honor the sacred.

I will honor its secret.

I will develop the sensitivity to know when to contain and when to reveal.

This is the work of the interior landscape.

This is the work of soul.