Sarah La Rosa

welcoming the divine child

Sarah La Rosa
welcoming the divine child

And there is always the comfort that we are first and always meant for the home places within us. And it is the promise of the soul that the Spirit Child can bring us back.  - from Her Strange Angels


We wrestle.

We toss and turn, seeking our truest truth and deepest calling, digging for bedrock.

We move between polarities, demonizing what we fear and misunderstand; exalting what comforts us and agrees with our upbringing and instruction, and what we think we see everyone else doing that works and is accepted and praised.

We question ourselves.

What right do I have? What is my credential? Do I dare? Who do I think I am to say that, offer that, do that, be that?

It’s only after we’ve turned in circles chasing our own tail that we begin to recognize that our struggle to quantify, to organize, to compartmentalize our experiences, to be enough, has created enough friction to start a blazing inferno.

The fire burns hot, and all the ideas and beliefs that separate us from the Beloved are revealed as the illusions they are.

We begin to observe the most destructive statement of self, our inadequacy, revealed in those flames.

In this alchemical burning of us, there is also a sacred merging.

We come into a holy communion with Spirit.

In that blessed place, we discover such beautiful union within the Holy of Holies.

Of our union, something new emerges; something is born.

The Divine Child.

The returning of our own light, the birth of our own sun.

It comes to us then that the dark night of the soul, that longest night that stole our breath, was in fact a gift given to embed and nurture new life.

The divine child in us is our soul’s foundational purpose.

She is the north star of our soul sky, leading us onward toward the homeland.

She is the seed and soul that is birthed of our willingness to surrender all struggle to do the right thing, make the right choice, follow the right teacher, say the right words.

Her parentage is both human and spirit- the sacred merging that we live out every single day - soul made flesh, god within us, inspirited, breathed upon as we move in bodies of blood and bone.

She is what steps forward in power, with skill to move between worlds, when we finally offer up compassion to ourselves.

For each holy moment, choosing to see ourselves as the sacred and eternal treasures we are, seeds us for the opening of our eyes and ears; readying us for the songs of spirits.

She is the untarnished innocence in us, leading us always back to Source and Love.

She, and only She, is our greatest and most skilled teacher ~ all others being guideposts and mile markers on our journey to Her and Home.

She is the Christ child, the divine Horus, and all the other magical/god child stories passed down in folklore and sacred texts and scriptures.

She guides our dreams and trains our hands in the realms of shamans, mystics and healers. She knows we are here to do an important work, and will waste no time in the cultivation of our mission.

Her promise is one of enlightenment, as it illuminates both the illusions we suffer underneath and the radiant sun that burns away the fog of confusion. That is her great joy~ the making of us, the unfolding of us, the light that comes into our eyes when we realize who we are.

Her words are always loving ,encouraging, re-membering sounds that heal us with truth and beauty.

She comes to us with a heavenly host of angels as messengers.

She lights us up with laughter that mends.

She is the joyful call to play, and the eternally hopeful one that dances inside our chest.

She walks the middle way, straddling dimensions in order to reach us ~ as, how and when we need Her.

She can never be killed, harmed or violated.

Her vision of us is crystal clear, and she knows what we are capable of.

She will remind us, forever.

Welcome, Holy One.

Today, and in this season, and always: we welcome you.