Sarah La Rosa

your teacher is you

Sarah La Rosa
your teacher is you

I am the master that I seek. - The Sophia Code 

There is an intrinsic youthfulness to following.
It is maidenly, in its highest form ~ enthusiastic, open, vulnerable, willing, on fire to receive the next infusion of sacred oxygen to grow the flames higher still.

There is an innocence and naiveté  to it - both appealing and a bit blind.
And that little bit of blindness can be a good thing, depending on the timing, the readiness of the student, the teacher teaching, and the context.

The maiden sits at the feet of the mother and crone, absorbing the wisdom of years and experience she has yet to embody and know in her bones.

Yet, so many of us discover that we have a tendency to get stuck there. 
And especially those of us living in western cultures that exalt academia and deify the diploma:
~ The career student, collecting credits and certificates and the nod of the board that allows us a measure of comfort in our accumulated knowledge.
~ The starving follower, who sees how others are doing it so much better, with a larger audience, prettier offerings and hands on fire that tease us with their seemingly vast skill.

We search others' words, ideas, imagery and callings, looking for a place among their tribe, a voice within their own unique song; longing for acceptance, approval and that elusive sense of self worth that we so desperately need. 

We need to matter. 
We want to be told we're good enough, that we're on the right track, that we're doing IT the right way.
We try to scrimp and scrape together the cash and time to get that credential, and to be validated by a lineage that we hope will affirm our final legitimacy.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a forever student and eternal learner. And I've been a fabulous follower throughout my life. It's been a very comfortable, soothing, nurturing role in my past.
Being the student, the learner, the follower is not a bad thing. 
In truth- it is a holy role to inhabit, in its time.
We all begin there.

That's the way we begin to safely flex our spiritual muscle, in the sacred spaces that our honorable teachers and holy traditions lovingly hold for us.
That is precious, necessary and empowering.

And there is a joyful yearning toward the teacher that appears in the moment they are meant for us. 
There is that lightning bolt of recognition. 
'You are for me' it declares, and we cannot escape our destiny within the classroom of their presence, for better or worse, whether the learning is painful or exhilarating. Usually it's some of both.

That time and those shapes are past. There must be a new form. - Her Strange Angels

But that is not what I am speaking of here.
I am talking to you. You.
Yes, you- the one who is hearing that call to speak to others, to lead others, to rise up in confident self worth and set within yourself a steady flame that others will warm their hands by.
There is no teacher on this earth that can give to you what your soul already knows within.
There are skills and tools to be acquired, yes. 
And it is wise to collect the necessary tools to work your craft well, with honor and depth.

But beyond the collection of knowledge and itineraries with wise wayshowers and seasoned guides, we begin to feel the push to find our own way at last; that push out of the nest to test our wings for real.

It requires a great amount of courage to step forward, leap and say to your own Holy Spirit:
"Here I am. Use me."

It is an acknowledgment- to the world and yourself- of your innate value outside and above your earthly collection of knowledge and the testimony of anyone else.

It states to the ether and the elementals that you are already worthy, now-readied and finally willing to accomplish THE THING you are here to do and be.

Your awakening to healing is always the first step in the healing mission you are here to fulfill. 
It is not the end of your story, but the beginning. 

And while you will spend your whole life here learning what it means to be healed, deeper and more fully, you are one who is ultimately called to offer up that light and love to the ones finding you, even now.

You know who you are.
Your story of awakening, of un-becoming and becoming again is the story they need to hear.
Your life, now, becomes the teaching that others will behold in grace; seeing themselves in your struggle and taking hope in your breakthrough, not your letters of licensure.

It is time to be seen.
It is time to become visible, sister.

The gateways have opened and the angels are descending to bring our messages forth -first in power to our own ears, and then with tools to hand over to the heartbroken, the wounded, the shredded souls hungering for HER, for depth, and the rebirth that always follows death.

What is it you are burning to give? Give it.
What are the words you are yearning to speak? Speak them.
That vision lying in your mind's eye? That is your work. 
Go there and retrieve the means to begin. Just begin. 

Watch yourself unfold at the leading of your soul, for the healing of us all.
To be spirit led is the original way.
It is the ancient way of wisdom seekers, and true teachers will always remind their students that this is so. While the torch others hold provides a guiding light initially, it is our own feet that must walk our own path, developing the strength and skill to bear our own torches- as much to light our own way forward as for those standing within the circle of our inner radiance.

Before there was ever a teacher, there was a hungry healer inside a wounded human.

That human reached out to the spirits of the air and earth. 
She called to the heavens and dug into the dark of her own soil, in search of the holy taproot.
This human opened herself, made herself vulnerable to the ways of the strange angels and winter wind.

She learned the words while listening to the birds sing and the wolves hunt.
She gathered the liberation of movements by following the stars and moon on their cyclical journeys through space.

She followed a silent voice on an inner plane, and practiced her craft in isolation many nights, with only the vibration and tingle in her hands and belly as confirmation of her success.

There was no other human to tell her she'd figured it out.
There was no committee to award her a diploma of mastery.
Her credential was living, breathing flesh - her own, as she moved in the ways of spiritus sancti.

Beauty, who taught the first teacher?
Who led the first leader?
What healer came to minister to the very first healer?

Show yourself and all of us what a woman in love with herself can do.

We are living in the days of a great shift, where the existing paradigms of Intellect Above All is crumbling.

It's your time now soul sisters, wounded healers, witches, guides, circle casters, card readers, spirit speakers, energy menders, beauty way writers, oil annointers, apothecaries, flower whisperers, crystal women, star interpreters, garden growers, divine mothers, wise crones, SHE disciples, whistleblowers, catalyst makers, earth shakers, dirt worshippers, and the rest of you disenfranchised by the system who's power is cracking in a last gasp of fury.

Do you feel that wind picking up?
Listen carefully. 
It's carving your way from the rock, leading the path of water along a hidden way. 
Follow that. Trust that. 

You will come across a great truth deep at the heart of that mountain:
Your guru lies within.
Your teacher is you.