Sarah La Rosa
Sarah La Rosa

About Sarah

We are a ragtag tribe of outcasts
Moon~howling, spiritual homesteaders.
— Her Strange Angels

I live somewhere between the light languages of ascension and the dark litanies of descent. Moving in the middle realms, I offer up my life as a gift: the daily mundane beauties of parenting, of running a small business, of marriage ~ and the starlit mysteries of prayer and mystical communion with the angels... these are the sacraments that make my human experience so precious and vital, fleeting yet somehow eternal. I live, I love, I learn.

Poetry and prose, bodywork and energy medicine for body/mind/spirit, handcrafted rosaries for prayer and meditation, tarot, intuitive guidance for the seeker, spiritual wisdom and soul retrieval ~ these are the callings and invitations I have answered to and humbly offer up from my deep heart to yours.

I am not an expert in anything more than genuine, soulful conversation. In the place of courageous honesty and vulnerability, spirit descends and indwells. Where you and I are gathered, there Spirit is in our midst. And that is the place where miracles happen. I have healed nobody but myself. That is the magic inside each of us - to heal ourselves through deep listening, deep courage, and joyful surrender to the truth we often fear: we are enough, we are loved, we are divine ~ every single one of us.

My path has been the wild forested one of the witch, the apprentice shamaness, the wounded healer. They are teachers, these roles ~ but they do not define me. They are vehicles to aid in the work ~ The Great Work. I have moved through many lives & labels in the short 40 years I've inhabited this skin so far:

The Good Girl, the Rule Follower, the Daughter to the Fathers, Charismatic Christian, the Youth Counselor, the Worship Leader, the Rebel, the God-Hater, the Backslider, the Victim, the Martyr, the Witch, the Wife, the Mother, the Sister, the Employee, the Manager, the Student, the Healer, the Writer, the Therapist, the Facilitator... on and on the titles emerge and dissolve. You have many of your own, do you not?

These words, these labels come and go, praised and vilified, discredited and honored as trends and popularities ebb and flow. They're simply the soul's clothing, easily discarded once outgrown or rejected. None of these labels encompass or do justice to my desires, my mistakes, my achievements or regrets. They speak nothing to the relationships that have fed me or inspired my spirit's longing for union with God/dess, All That Is, The Holy One.

But we live in a world of words, and I do love the exquisite beauty of our multifaceted languages, inadequate though they may often be. And so, I will do as much honor to the words, the labels and titles I am offered or choose to use in order to describe the kinds of connections you can expect to find in me.

You are welcome here ~ whoever, whatever, wherever you are. You are welcome.

Sarah is the author of Her Strange Angels: a book of invocations, beauty words & divine presence. She is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki master working in rural Oregon. In 2017, she launched Wild Feminine Rosaries, a beautiful line of handcrafted malas which are Reiki infused and silk-strung with precious gemstones. Her writings and rosaries have been popular all over the world, traveling to countries around the globe. She also provides intuitive tarot readings, and (coming soon) shamanic journeywork for clients as soulful and spiritual healing modalities.

She lives quietly with her husband and son in Southern Oregon, running her private practice and currently writing her second book.