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Reiki is a Japanese term combining rei (soul, spirit) and ki (life force or vital energy). It is a hands-on healing modality rediscovered by Buddhist monk Mikao Usui in the 19th century. Reiki is a meditative, intentional practice that calls forth the healing energies of the universe, and then channels through the attuned practitioner for the benefit of the recipient.

The healing energy of Source is highly intelligent, and know where to flow for the highest good ~ whether that be emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, or (more often than not) a combination of all.

I received all three Reiki attunements over a period of four years, practicing each successive degree until I intuitively felt led to move into the next, deeper level. Reiki as a practice has been powerful. Reiki as a way of life has been staggering and transformative at the cellular level.

I am a Reiki third degree certified master, which is pretty fancy language that simply means I have achieved an alignment and sensitivity to this beautiful life force energy through practice and teacher/mentor attunement for the purposes of healing myself and channeling unconditional love from Source to others, anywhere in the world.

In my personal Reiki practice, I can connect with your guides and angels, power animals and teachers for deep spiritual insight and healing. At times, this information may come through to you quite clearly during or after the session, or you may simply experience a wave of comfort and peace washing over you. No experience is better than another- it is simply your own, perfect in its way and timing. I have yet to work with a soul that has not experienced some form of peace, inner direction, or vision.

If you are local, I offer in-person Reiki sessions located in my Jacksonville, Oregon office. However, I also offer distance Reiki which is equally effective, and often quite profound for the receiver.

Price is per hour. Once you have purchase a session, I will reach out toy ou for scheduling and further details. For distance sessions, a skype session will be included for conversation after your session is complete to share any insights I received on your behalf, and to answer any questions you may have at that time.

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