Sarah La Rosa
Sarah La Rosa

*Her Strange Angels: a book of invocations, beauty words and divine presence

*Her Strange Angels: a book of invocations, beauty words and divine presence


In Her Strange Angels, we are brought into a world of magic. Sarah La Rosa weaves startling imagery with comfort food for the heart, resulting in prose that captures the reader in a state of wonder even as it fulfills and empowers. In this collection of invocations, benedictions and blessings, the dark night of the soul is enlightened to reveal beauty from the most unexpected sources. La Rosa offers up the miracle of mysteries contained within our ordinary days, spiritual messages heard in the creep and call of animals, and the rush of holy waters inside our most private anguish. Her Strange Angels is a prayer lifted up for every lonely pilgrim, every wounded heart, every soul on the verge. Saturate the senses. Delight the heart. Soothe the wound. Invoke the angels.

What others are saying:

Life is so much of the time a journey, as Sarah La Rosa puts it, "among the wreckage /of grand plans gone awry." And still, there is beauty, truth, faith and all the other angels that carry us. In Her Strange Angels, La Rosa points clearly to her encounters with the divine with
honesty and heart-opening questions. It is good to travel with her for awhile.                           

- Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation

Sarah La Rosa writes of the silence of descent, of thresholds and black water and wildness and bones. She writes in the voice of a woman who has known anguish and heartbreak, and has yet returned, baring her scars, to experience joy.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve read one of her poems each morning to start my day. Before the first glimmers of dawn, with steaming coffee in hand and candles lit, I savor her imagery and wordsmithing. She takes me down to a soul-place I recognize, where I encounter twisted roots and open wings, and my own heart’s reflection.
“We are a ragtag tribe of outcasts
moon howling, spiritual homesteaders."

Yes.                                                                                                                                          - Joanna Powell Colbert, author, artist, teacher & mentor
Her Strange Angels offers a resting place for the wandering soul in search of truth. Sarah creates a magical world of nature and spirit where our humanity can be witnessed and held. Filled with profound wisdom, her poems are a personal look into dark, abandoned corners, and carry the medicine to heal our wounds. Each poem brings us into closer contact with the sacred, blessing our vulnerabilities and giving us courage and strength as we find our way home.                                                                                                                                       - Kristen Roderick, Life Cycle Celebrant and Educator
*(signed by the author and sent with a free gift)
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