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Tarot Guidance

Tarot Guidance


Price is for a one~hour Skype session with you, once I have pulled cards and spent time with my guides and yours, receiving information and wisdom that speaks to your questions and goals. After you purchase your session, I will email you to schedule our visit and to get further details from you.

After our Skype session is complete, I will email the images of your cards set up in altar form, for your own sacred digital keeping.

I use a variety of decks, and will be happy to discuss using one that may particularly resonate with you! Simply let me know HERE is you have a specific deck preference. Options to choose from are:

Starchild Tarot, Serpentfire Tarot, Wild Unknown Tarot, Gaian Tarot, Fountain Tarot, Anubis Oracle, Shaman's Oracle, Heart of Faerie Oracle, Isis Oracle, Ascended Masters Oracle, Healing with the Angels Oracle, and several other oracle decks including Spirit de la Lune, Medicine Cards and Claire Goodchild's Black and the Moon deck.

The fine details and loving disclaimers:

Tarot is certainly a beautiful and sacred tool to connect us with our inner, deeper, higher and wiser selves. It is not, however, intended to replace medical or psychological therapies that may be needed. If you are suffering from a serious illness or suspect one, please see your healthcare team. If you are suffering from mental illness or suspect you are, please see a licensed therapist who can support you with practical tools toward wellness.

The readings I offer here are to support your innate wise self on the journey to spiritual fulfillment and soulful wholeness. They are highly mystical: calling in guides, ascended masters, ancestors, beings from the angelic realms, power animals, etc.

Used as a tool, alongside your own spiritual practices and an open mind, powerful messages can come through, blessing you with the synchronicities of words, images, numbers and more that the Universe and Source is always offering to us as oracles among us.

We do not walk alone, and tarot can provide the means of remembering that beautiful truth.

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Once you have purchased your tarot session, I will reach out to you via email to schedule your session. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you!

Many Blessings ♡