Sarah La Rosa
Sarah La Rosa
You are meant for the sunlight, and you are meant for the dark.
— Sarah La Rosa | Her Strange Angels

Let the wisdom come through...

I use an intuitive, rather than formal, approach to readings, which allows for your guides, angels and ancestors to speak in ways that resonate at the deepest levels. This wisdom flows in beautiful, often unconventional ways that speak to your heart-needs first and always. Practical guidance, honest talk, looking at the work that needs to be done. These are not fluffy readings, but The Great Work of soul. The cards act as signposts and mile~markers on your own spiritual journey to self actualization. And all the while, your eternal team is standing in the wings cheering you on. Let's connect.


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Welcome, beauty! You've landed in sacred space. Here you'll find sanctuary: a place of peace and stillness to simply breathe and remember who and why You Are. Do you need to sing over the bones like La Loba? Then walk your fingers over to the Bone Songs page. Are you in need of healing? I have offerings for you HERE...
 Maybe you are seeking your very own Wild Feminine Rosary. You've heard of them from your sister friend, and you've been curious every since.  Or perhaps, you're ready to own a copy of Her Strange Angels: a book of invocations, beauty words and divine presence.

Whatever brings you here today, I'm honored you've chosen to spend any of your time, energy or other resources on my offerings.  xo, Sarah

· Healing touch to restore the soul ·

I offer both in-person and distance bodywork, including Reiki, shamanic journeywork (coming soon!), and massage therapies. My office is located in the picturesque small town of Jacksonville, OR in the US. If you are interested in massage therapy and other in-person treatments, you can contact me at Spa Jacksonville ~ 1.541.899.7893, or HERE.

- Wild Feminine Rosaries -

 Handcrafted, Reiki-infused energy medicine pieces to bless, restore and protect. Find the rosary meant for you  HERE...

Handcrafted, Reiki-infused energy medicine pieces to bless, restore and protect. Find the rosary meant for you HERE...

From an enchanting voice filled with ancient wisdom and refreshing truth comes a book of poemprayers sure to ravish the heart. This collection of mystical sermons both fires up the soul and drenches it in holy waters. Sarah La Rosa gathers, sings, weaves, nurtures, and proclaims the wild and holy ways of woman, of Spirit, of the heart. A riveting companion to one's spiritual practice and everyday rhythms, Her Strange Angels offers solace and fire to every soul found:wandering.                                                                                                   
- Hillary Rain, Creative Alchemist + Writer

weaving words that call forth a sacred grace...

The aching soul reaches for beauty because she knows it is in those luminous experiences that medicine for the spirit bones is found in vast, dense quantities.

Writing Her Strange Angels was a journey into beauty-as-medicine over a six year period, resulting in nearly two hundred pages of wilding, re-membering words.

We write the books we cannot find but so desperately need to nourish our deep selves. This work was such a nourishment for me. May it be so for you.


Singing ourselves alive once more...

Not quite a blog, not exactly a book...

Refresh your wild spirit with medicine words that remind you of your ancient beginnings and divine inheritance. Rewild, refresh, re-member. Come Home to your true self, and heal with beauty words. READ HERE...

Our howl will return to us. We will be embodied again. This I know.
— Her Strange Angels