Sarah La Rosa
Sarah La Rosa


Hello, sweet soul. Welcome to this space.

Here you will find power~writings on soul & spirit, wisewoman magicks, witch ways & offerings of energy work, massage & tarot divinations.

I am not a fortune~teller, and I do not cure or eliminate the challenges you may be facing- whether physical or otherwise.

What I offer up is insight, tools to aid recovery and personal healing, and the deeper breath of relief that accompanies being truly seen by another soul.

This is my work as a healer- not to remove the dis-ease, but to show you how supported you are to bring your own wellness forward.

You are powerful beyond imagination. I’m here to remind you of that beautiful truth.

I wrote a little book…

weaving words that call forth a sacred grace...

The aching soul reaches for beauty because she knows it is in those luminous experiences that medicine for the spirit bones is found in vast, dense quantities.

Writing Her Strange Angels was a journey into beauty-as-medicine over a six year period, resulting in nearly two hundred pages of wilding, re-membering words.

We write the books we cannot find but so desperately need to nourish our deep selves. This work was such a nourishment for me. May it be so for you.