Sarah La Rosa
Sarah La Rosa

Wild Feminine Rosaries

   Handcrafted. Sacred. Malas made with natural stone and silk.        

Reiki-infused. Blessed and smudged with sage, cedar and sweetgrass.

 Created for you, with soulful intention and divine feminine magick.

*scroll to the bottom of the page for the fine details*

gifts of spirit...

When you purchase your sacred Wild Feminine Rosary, you are getting more than a pretty stone necklace of prayer beads. The opening of your beautiful package is a magical experience all its own. Your beauty will come with free gifts from my heart to yours, including : ✧ a keepsake wooden box ✧ live moss that can be used inside or outside your home spaces ✧ a goddess card for your altar space ✧ a blessed black feather ✧

✧ Testimonials ✧

I know how much work you put into these things ~ and to me, this piece is worth so much more than any price. -R.M.
She arrived today!! I am so happy, and excited. She is so very beautiful, and so sacred. Thank you so very much! She is in good hands; I will take care good care of her... -L.M.
Oh my god, Sarah! It's so beautiful! it's absolutely perfect. Thank you <3 I can't wait to wear this piece of magic. -A.L.
Dearest Mystical Sarah, I just received her. The unveiling of her was indeed a magical experience. I felt like a little girl finding sacred treasure in a forest... I got teary eyed upon laying my eyes on her because it feels like me. I know the love, light and intention that was mindfully crafted into her as you created her, and I am humbled. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I feel like you see me... -G.S.
OMG OMG OMG!!!! It is beyond stunning!!!! I absolutely adore it!!!! It's perfect, sarah! I love it so much I could cry! Thank you so much sister!!! This is the most gorgeous mala or sacred necklace I've ever seen. You are so gifted, love... I've been wearing the mala every day. Just while I'm writing, I slip it on! It's so nourishing! It's just wonderful. I can feel the love and intention and magic in it... -K.R.
I adore this rosary! I can't decide where to keep her! She moves from my bedroom, to my car, to my office, to my kitchen... it's like she wants to be wherever I am, bringing me love whatever I'm doing, all the time. I've never felt so much loving energy from a piece of jewelry before! Thank you, Sarah... -D.J.

*Each unique & beautiful Wild Feminine Rosary holds 108 gorgeous prayer stones, hand-knotted with sturdy silk cord. Some rosaries contain several extra 'transition' beads', and are not counted as part of the sacred 108 prayer stones. This does not diminish the power of the rosary, and you may treat the "extra" beads as spacers, a reminder to pause and breathe ~ or more opportunities for speaking your mantras & prayers!