Sarah La Rosa
Sarah La Rosa
Her Strange Angels
Saturate the senses. Delight the heart.
Soothe the wound. Invoke the angels.
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Her strange angels by Sarah La Rosa

one woman's journey into the sacred feminine, shamanic transformation & holy poetry...

Sarah La Rosa weaves startling imagery with comfort food for the heart, resulting in prose that captures the reader in a state of wonder even as it fulfills and empowers.

In this collection of invocations, benedictions and blessings, the dark night of the soul is enlightened to reveal beauty from the most unexpected sources.  

Sarah offers up the miracle of mysteries contained within our ordinary days, spiritual messages heard in the creep and call of animals, and the rush of holy waters inside our most private anguish.

Her Strange Angels is a prayer lifted up for every lonely pilgrim, every wounded heart, every soul on the verge.

Dancing the soul awake through blessing words and intentional be-wilder-ment.

Filled with profound wisdom, her poems are a personal look into dark, abandoned corners, and carry the medicine to heal our wounds. -Kristen Roderick, educator